Tuesday, November 23, 2010

8 DAYS - In a flurry

Why is it that when you are close to something so much activity pops up ? I haven't even had a minute to stop and count and I've had to stop certain things just to make sure that when the days comes I'm on point.

I've taken a step to cut out a lot of unecessary activity ermmm such as Twitter .Those that need me seem to know where to find me . So please bear with me between work ,studying and just counting down ,I am in a little flurry ,peticoats and all.

Hope you are smiling ,being blessed and forever being nourished in HIS word .

Don't forget to smile and expect favour to follow you and be your daily.

Dear Daily Stalker ,I found you on FB ,don't worry you can find me there ,lol.

8 DAYS....

1 comment:

Tendayi said...

haha i c u girl! 8 days already...wow.