Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Catching August

It seems that as soon as the sun comes up it's going down again and I'm left wondering where it all went .August came and it's almost gone .That being said August is my favourite month because it's OUR BIRTHDAY !!!!! Total yayness factor there and I'm always a bundle of excited nerves because I get prezzies especially from my sugar bear.

Anyway update *sigh* where do I begin :

Time - I feel like for the first time in my adult life I'm working hard like actually being exhausted and grinding. In all this I don't have time anymore .Every minute /hour counts and this has pushed me to be more productive in everything that I do .I now value my time and really if you are not worth the hassle you won't be getting much of it *insert smiley face here *. My day starts at 5.20AM and ends at 11PM .In between that there is gym ; office work ; blogging ; project planning ;family and everything else. Sounds like an excuse but I'm just busy and when I say that people get offended . Hmmm like I said if you are not worth the hassle I'm not moved.

Dreams - Amazingly the past 2 months have seen me put a lot of time and creative passion behind the mentorship dream .Welcome to being an adult ; not everything is candy floss and fuzzy like. It's been a lot of hard work and the creative blocks where very frustrating.I've come to understand that big dreams mean a lot of work and watch this space - it will be big. S/O to the other half of my brain Tino .She is a GOD-send ; witty and funny. She is an amazing person and she made me the god-mother of her little girl (well I think I kinda appointed myself lol). Big dreams ; big heels and the only thing you can do is run after each and every one of them.

People - So I've always coined myself as a people person .Fun and bubbling over with exuberance ; ready to run a 100 miles to save any "friend" ; forever guilty if I do not communicate enough etc etc .Pause that thought .This was before I came to the reality that you can't save every drowing kitten and sometimes just once in a while walk on by . Sounds cruel but honestly I came to a point where I had no more saving strenght to give .So slowly through the natural progression of life my "friend" list has been culled . No official letters have been sent to inform recepients of ended friendships but I think they got the hint.Those that are near and dear are still very much alive but a great lot have fallen off the bandwagon and with that enourmous amounts of guilt . Needless to say I'm approaching my next birthday with excitment and contentment .

Fashion - I LOOOOVE clothes . Ok I'm a self confessed hoarder of clothes ; jewellery and all those pretty girly things. Ask Mr he will never forget my Juimmy Choo moment .I have become a fashion blogger follower .I love looking at different outfits and seeing how all these people interpret their personal style and taste. So after much contemplation and begging from my assistant ; I just might start one next year .I'm still thinking about it ...

Family - I love my family and with every visit that I am with them I feel energised and it's worth the trip back home . Along the path of life I have gained more family and each of these people have a special place in my heart .My favourite new additions are my " vazukuru " . So different but such amazingly loving human beings . I can't get enough of them .I LOVE my family.

ME - So I'm loving quiet spaces and not picking up my phone when people call me that I don't want to speak to .Ignoring my BBM sometimes and rolling my eyes at random conversations I come across .I'm happy ; content and fulfilled .In my mind I'm sitting in a field of flowers ; with a white hat and a gorgeous maxi dress and right next to me is Mr .Smiling ; content and happy .In a few days I will be looking at 30 right in the eye .It's like climbing over a mountain. Goodbye to self doubt ; guilt ; stolen pleasure and joy stealers . Hello happy ; healthy ; content me .

Everyday I wake up knowing that being me ; the DIVA is exactly who I am supposed to be. The coolest thing though is falling in love over and over and over and over again. Mr is just awesome like that .

Enough of my field dreams and declarations of undying love . Time to step back into reality .As for those that I have left behind as I walk away - it's been good knowing you .

SIDE NOTE :Do yourself a favour don't stick around people who don't make you happy ; don't respect your friendship ; don't respect you and take you for granted .It's never worth it .

Can't wait for the birthday (acting very calm and collected by excited and jumping about on the inside ).

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