Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dear #2011

On the verge of a new year, new possibilities; new challenges and a new life. I look back and there stands the dejected lover; 2010.The fun is over and 365 days later the relationship has come to an end .It was a rollercoaster ride and through it all 2010 made sure that I watched my step, laughed my lungs out; learnt and grew .Seems sad to let it all go but, look who just stepped out of the box brand spanking new, smelling fresh and clean, without a blemish on his pristine suit. He cocks his head to the side and with a smile says,” Welcome to the best year of your life .....” Really? Not so fast Mr 2011; I think me and you need to have a little chat....

Firstly let’s get a few things straight, I’m a no nonsense kind of girl. I have a lot to offer and this I realised after spending time with 2010. I’m not your run around the mill type of person. I know what I want and this time around you have 365 days to prove me wrong .I’m after a lot of things .I have come to realise that I’ve held back on going to the limit. I could have pushed myself but because of fear I came out empty handed. I will not tolerate you courting FEAR and letting her dwell in this relationship .As for ENVY and JEALOUSY those twins must not even be given the privilege of knowing us. I’ve known all three of them all too well and they bring nothing but drama and failure. So this time around honey no! They have to go.

You see I guess after a long time of self disrespect, I really have fallen in love with me again. I’m not your size 10”, perfect proportion kind of model girl .No, sweetie I’m your curvy, full figured woman. I represent the image of most African women. So don’t even think I will spend this whole year trying to change and be something I am not .I will live healthy; exercise and keep fit, more than anything for me and not you. I will learn to throw my head back and laugh more, I deserve those let your hair loose moments. I will switch off my BlackBerry and zone out the world and listen to all my favourite music .I will walk into that boutique and spoil myself a little. I will indulge myself with the simple pleasures I have always denied myself .Yes dear this year we will learn to be selfish (cringe).

It’s not all doom and gloom, let me tell you what you are in for .You are in for a world full of love and hugs. 365 days of discovery and awe at the joy of how brilliant life can be .What is more potent than any drug? A girl with the need to enjoy life to the hilt. I promise you fashion inspired outfits that will have both of us beaming with pride .I promise you new friendships and adrenaline driven adventures that will leave us both breathless. I promise you cringe worthy moments when we will both wonder why we did that. I promise you nothing but the best of reality television; romance; family; jokes; energy and best of all simply in one word, LIFE.

So Dear 2011 ,I ask you ,I see you contemplating if I’m worth it ,well you don’t have much of a choice ,I’m here now so off we go into the sunset .Mark off 1 day ;364 days to go and sign on the dotted line ;this contract starts now !

P.S. I don’t do offsprings .No pregnancies of past memories; hurts or could have beens,these will not be tolerated!