Thursday, March 24, 2011


Give me a minute to shut out the common room commotion
The loud greetings hurled at me as I awake
The ceaseless worries that demand me to hear them speak
The fears and doubts that pollute my garden of serenity
Let me grab a huge remote control, point it straight at it all
And press "MUTE"
Let there be SILENCE

Let the merry go round of aimless chatter subside
Let the music stop beating in the background and let the walls close in
The dead end conversation that is now almost rhetoric
That never yields results and leaves you at a corner of no words
Pulling the plug on the TV called life and just shutting it all off
Yes this is the time
Let there be SILENCE

It’s like the advent of a new chapter in the whole story
A silent composition of emotion; reflection; dedication and peace
Tired of receiving information that I don’t need
Diligently visiting social networking pages in a bid to build some personality that will evolve
Into a picture of how you view yourself and the world
Flipping through the pages and feeling more dejected than when you began
Shutting out the real world to step into a mine field of perceptions
I’m standing at that door and closing it
Let there be SILENCE

In a search for an answer; sending up a novena reminiscent of an era past
Standing in an oversized virtual library that claims to hold all the answers
Convicted that this is the place you will get answers then finally realising that there are no answers
In fact you stand more confused than when you began, inundated with this chaos you call normal
Suffocated and seeking a way out of a glass prison you have built
Comparing yourself knowingly or unknowingly to the world
Give me a moment; switch it all off and savour that...
Let there be SILENCE

The fear of being left behind maybe or the feeling of the world moving past
Being left out of an intimate inner circle that speaks the latest lingo
Fear of being the unpopular kid in the playground.
Against a background of solitude; meeting yourself and getting to know YOU
When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself who you are and could clearly define this
Not in paraphrased; clich├ęd jargon that sounds acceptable but in clear and honest introspection
Let all the noise die down and the same way I allowed it all in I’m sweeping it out
Let there be SILENCE

In the cacophony of nothingness; in the dry hum of air; in the solitude of non activity
I sigh; emotionally; physically and mentally spent and tired from the sounds
Walking into a bare room; with white walls and in the middle sitting with pots of paint
Pots of colour; ready to be splashed out as they tear up the old picture and start again
A true picture of me; a true reflection of me not influenced by the need to conform
Silently in the silence I hear that voice that needed to speak
Sitting in companionship with my thoughts; inner desires and me
This I had missed; with no desire whatsoever to tweet every feeling; thought and emotion
Let me just sit here and smile *sigh*
Let there be SILENCE

***Still here, still at home – just sitting in a white room; rocking on my haunches; smiling and content...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Ndinokupikira kusvika kumagumo

Who is a SISTER ?

In a world where the time turns and goes; where we hurt and breakdown
In the midst of that chaos; when you have been on the ground too long
When your eyes are swollen and your nose is runny; when your weave is tangled
When you look around and can’t remember the last time you ate
When you look like a bag lady and the closest thing to pretty that you feel is Amy Winehouse
That’s when the door opens; with a scent of perfume and backed croissants
In comes your sister...

They seem to know what to say and when to say it
She will throw open the blinds and make space in the mess of scrunched up tissues
Pull you close to her bosom and just let you cry; she will sit there till all that’s left is a hiccup
If you look closely she will have shed a tear or two and somehow soothed you to silence
They seem to know when to envelope you with silence and know that you can’t’ speak
And in that silence you will look up and with her eyes closed you will know she’s there
Your sister

There is a strength that comes from knowing that when the world falls apart she is there
After the tears are gone and you’ve had your second croissant (where did that appetite come from?)
She will tell you what a beautiful person you are but take a shower and tie your hair up
Tears gone; fresh and clean you will find your room clean and she will still be there
With a smile on her face; she will take your hand and in that calm voice say
“Let’s talk “you know she will tell you the truth even if you won’t hear it
Yes you will know sister is here

No one can testify to being where they are right now if it had not been for that sister
The sassy fire brand who told you to kick your shoes off and dance the night away
The solid fountain of wisdom that you admire and look up to
The shopping partner that always wants you to look hot in whatever you put on
The confidante who will tell you the most outrageous secrets and tips that turn you red in the face
The calm spirit that knows when you need a hug and a smile
The cheerleader that tells you that you can do anything you set your mind to
That’s a sister

In life we meet them in all shapes and sizes and colours; they step in from the shadows
And you lose a little part of your heart to them; they will say I love you and not add #nohomo
With them you are you; you are loud and you fearless; nothing can stop you
At your lowest she will mend your wings and teach you to fly again
She lets out a whoop of joy and breaks into a happy dance when you are happy
She will run to fight your battles and come back scarred if she has to
She’s your sister and that what it means

My heart grows and I look around me and I have “collected “sisters over the years
Some came for a season; some for a lifetime but each brought and left something
No woman is ever just herself by herself she is a result of life poured into her
Life refilled; repaired; celebrated and rebirthed
This is who she is a product of a sister

GOD knew we needed HIS strength personified, HE sent us sisters

*Dedicated to #NandoShed ; the sisters that have come into my life; those that are still present and those that let me be a sister to them. Of course not all of you will be bridesmaids but I got a front row section for all of you at the wedding.....*

Be a sister ...birth another sister and walk her into being the best she can ever be..

(all pictures courtesy of the world wide web )