Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can I ?

Can I stand right here right now and be satisfied with who I am?
Can I stand here unsure; shifting; turning and redefining?
Can I look at the world through my eyes and define how I see it?
Can I look out into the horizon and redefine my future?
Can I be the master to a destiny still unwritten?
Can I?

Who gave you the right to tell me who I can be?
What give you the power to judge me and place me in a box of your making?
You see it’s easy on you to stand there and tell me what or who I must be
Because you know that once I unlock all that is in me and come smack bang with me
I will run you over; I will tear up your warped sense of power and authority
I will reveal your weaknesses and you will realise that you are nowhere close to the facade you have built
Can I pull down your walls of security as you do mine?

Leave me on this mountain of self discovery
Let me redefine womanhood and self fulfilment; growth and destiny
Bring me that picture you have painted of me and let me tear it to shreds
Let me show you who I really am
Let me teach you what I really can do
Let me give you a glimpse into what this woman is set to be
Can I break down your perceptions and unlock the door to a new me?

You thought you could sit there and hurl insults; accusations and definitions
Watch me step aside and let them fly past; not caring what you think
You blamed me for your inadequacies; your insecurities; your faults and unfaithfulness
Hold up; you are not that pure yourself
You created and image for me to believe in; you painted and picture and splattered it with vivid images of promise and forever
You asked me to stop living so I could fulfil you; you asked me to stop and stop and stop
Naive and heart ever pure and willing I stopped
Only for you to turn around and tell me I would not be good enough no matter how hard I tried
Can I now throw back your insults; warped personality and expectations?
Can I loudly and quietly let you know - you never deserved me......

I’m every woman’s voice that has found herself in tears because of society and our deep need of love
I’m that voice that you closed up that turned from a shout into a whisper
I’m that voice that’s rising from the echoes and telling it all that I am a woman
Not just any woman; I’m full breasted and proud blessed with curves that define me
Every inch of me screams out perfection and completion
I’m sassy and damn proud of it; intelligent and full of wit
I’m not seeking clarification or definition – this is ME

Can I ask you now are you ready to love and embrace a woman like me?

I see you back away and I see some of you nod; some scowl and some smirk
Can I tell you; I’m not phased?
Not in the least because not all of you will be privileged to know me or even share a table with me
Not all of you will have the pleasure of meeting me and sharing an idea or two
Not all of you will receive a hug or share a laugh with me
Not all of you will enjoy the person I am
I’m satisfied with those that I know and him that I love
Can I burst your bubble?
This is all me and not an inch of you had anything to do about it
I may have loved you once but your love could not create no define me into a better woman
I’m me and you had nothing to do with it.......

Imagine if you had stuck around ....... I wouldn't be ME right now .

*An ode to the woman who thought she was broken ....rise you are you and no one can ever take that from you

Wednesday, April 13, 2011